Thursday, November 3, 2011

grand mere state park: part 1/baldtop

a few weekends ago.
i rose early.
packed a backpack.
and drove clear across the palm of michigan.

window's rolled down.
sphere of the sun in my rear-view mirror.

i drove till the highway hugged lake michigan.
then pulled into a state park.
and traversed through the gorgeous woods.

the forest trail led to a sand dune.
a hundred foot climb.

the wind whipped.
and sand swirled around me.

i trudged to the top.

in the near distance.
white-capped lake waves could be heard.

i pushed further on.
and to my great reward.

the peak was incredible.
crisp air.
sand grass.
and solitude.

not a soul to be seen.

i sat with my legs hanging over a sandy edge.
looking out across the wide expanse.

endless water.
endless water.


  1. i had a moment much like this back in august when i climbed a sand dune along lake superior all by my lonesome. there was not a soul in sight. and my thoughts were so lucid. i was overwhelmed by God's creation. Michigan is such a beautiful place to call home.

  2. These photos are just unbelievable. Having lived in Michigan my whole life, I am still amazed how much the landscape changes with just a few hours on the road. Such a beautiful place. This post really took us on that journey and demonstrates precisely how large this world really is. Thanks. Great great stuff.