Thursday, January 12, 2012

winter quiche

temperatures here have been mild.
balmy even.
and they've left me unsettled.

there's something about january.
that begs for the crunch of snow.
beneath your boots.
clouds of your own breath.
in the air.

i'm anxiously awaiting spring.
and my hands in the warm earth.
but i wouldn't mind a small flake.
or two.
in the meantime.


it did seem a bit cooler this morning.
my feet feeling chilled on the kitchen tile.
and so it was perfect.
that i had already planned on making brooke's quiche today.

i rolled the overnight dough out on the table.
and filled its shell with:
sauteed kale, mushrooms, and garlic.
herb-laced eggs.
and sliced peppers.

the warmth from the gas stove.
permeated the house.
and the smell that wafted from the kitchen.
was divine.


the sun hasn't really peeked from the behind the clouds.
so i plan on staying in awhile this morning.
big slice of quiche in hand.
while i curl up to enjoy the rest of this.


here's to a day that nearly feels like winter.

1 comment:

  1. I long for a little snow too!
    Oooooo delicious quiche...I quite fancy one