Wednesday, April 29, 2009

on my mind <3

Last night at work I was able to sneak away a few minutes to delve into Jenny McCarthy's book: Mother Warriors:::
After the first chapter, I found myself increasingly thrilled that my co-worker was on break and the lights were dim---I was tearing up on nearly every page. I'm not sure if it was the tail end of PMS, or just my overwhelming love for children that did me in---but I was pretty darn close to being a basket case right there on the job. Throughout my life, I have had a moderate amount of exposure to autism, and have continued to be horrified and devastated by the loss and struggle these parents and children face each day.

However, it wasn't until I met my co-worker A.G., and heard the first-hand
account of her son's autism onset, that my heart truly swelled with the desire to learn more about this disease. She sat there completely strong and stoic, telling me how one morning she found her beautiful, happy, babbling baby staring at the wall and making circles with his tiny fingers:::completely unresponsive. She said dealing with autism is like experiencing the death of your child.....that person seems gone forever. My throat gets thick and my eyes sting just thinking about it. I can't fathom that loss, or the thought that is even more staggering---the days that follow.

So, when I saw Jenny's book 'new in paperback' and at Target, I bought it, and threw it into my purse for some reading material. I treasured this gal as a comedic genius, and
looked forward to her take on her son's serious illness. And she delivered. Jenny is a woman of such strength and grace, being unashamed to take a stand for what matters most in this this life. Repeatedly throughout the book, the controversy surrounding vaccinations is brought up, and it stirred in me the doubts I already struggle with::::to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. I was vaccinated as a child, as were most people I know, and each of us is 100% unharmed----if anything, we're better off. But whose to say that my child won't be one of the many that come home a fraction of the joyous child they were before? Do I ever want to take that chance? Or do I want to take the chance that they catch some other debilitating disease because they weren't immune? I am nowhere near the point in my life where these questions are pressing, but they almost keep me up at night.

In happier thoughts::: I was suddenly inspired yesterday afterno
on (after being awoken by the washing machine spinning off track), by the absolutely fabulous::: KNITTA!

(click on the picture below to get more info!)

Apparently, a group of very inspired knitters decided to take grandma's favorite past time to the next level and form a guerrilla knitting crew. Imagine tagging::::with YARN! I knew my darling little sister was no stranger to the needles, so I called her up on my way home this morning and requested some lessons. After her enthusiastic "YEAH!", I made a beeline for JoAnn Fabrics, and came out loaded with this thick, amazing yarn, some hot purple needles, and (of course) VOUGEknitting magazine!

I am itching to get to work. I just have this overwhelming desire to be busy::: to do something with my hands. This seemed just the ticket. I'll be sure to keep c&s informed of how things are going....or (more than likely) how they're NOT :)

Well::: I have now been awake and functioning in the land of living for 23 hours without a wink of I dare say I'm overdue for a nap!

But let me leave you with this image for today::: my little DJ at breakfast. His face is pure joy...

Until tomorrow...


  1. I saw your post comment on Elsie's blog and had to check out anybody named "coffe and stilettos"! :) Love your blog! Will definitely check it out more often!

  2. Oh! Forgot...I am dying to learn to knit too! Good luck!