Thursday, April 30, 2009

(almost) late, late for a very important date...

Rainy day here in America's mitten:::

Met my dear friend Meagan for breakfast this morning. We arrived at one of our favorite Coney Islands, snuggled into a booth tucked w...a...y in the back, grabbed our coffee cups and dove into a chatterfest. We each ordered Greek omelettes with hashbrowns from our dear waitress::: let's call her Lorna.

Lorna is one of those people who, if not for her undeniable adorable-ness, would probably annoying the very life out of you. She had the attention span of gnat, which of course meant that we each had to repeat our order no less than 5 times. She had an awkward shuffle and could never really look you in the eye when she talked. She successfully spilled straws all over our table and never did bring us that ketchup. We watched other happy diners arrive, order, eat and practically leave, before we ever saw the curling edges of our omelettes.
Lorna is the spice of life::: those people that make you tilt your head, stick out your lower lip and collectively say "aww". Those people that make you realize that maybe things aren't all that bad.

Lorna received a healthy tip.

Then it was on to my favorite place on this green planet::: TARGET.
Significant damage was done there before we ran through the pouring rain and puddles to my car.

We made our way to the local Salvation Army:::: HALLELUJAH!

I left there laden with treasures....amazing wooden bracelets, a thin gold chain with a single pearl hanging from its delicate links, a delightful pink hot chocolate carafe, and lastly, this a.m.a.z.i.n.g teapot (which came with matching sugar bowl and creamer not pictured!)::::

And can you believe I spent only $18 on all this pre-used goodness?? I love things with a past, and while some might find it gross, I actually smiled when I saw the old tea ring stain that remained in the bottom of my pot. Somebody loved this pot and left it. Now it's mine and I'm so good with that!

Leaving for Chicago in 2 hours::: will post pictures when I return...

Until Sunday...

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