Monday, May 25, 2009

: happiness ::::

the sun is shining through my window. my ipod is quietly (okay...loudly!) playing in my ears. this is me on a beautiful holiday afternoon.

after a late night of "bananagrams" with my sis and brother-in-law, I slept in till late morning. i immediately stumbled down the stairs and clumsily made my way to the coffee pot. after initiating the drip, i toasted an english muffin, added a healthy smear of peanut butter, as well as strawberry jam, and waited for my sweet brew.

with fresh cup of coffee in hand, i returned upstairs, positioned myself by the window, and began soaking in all the happiness you see below:::

still-hot-from-the-pot coffee in my favorite mug, the brand spanking new issue of Instyle magazine, and my newest project: my journal for 'write club', are all sources of pure happiness for me today.
(i just went back and read all of marta's old posts/prompts for write club and immediately got on the bandwagon! week 1 starts today for me. head over to 'm.writes', and click on the "write club" link for more info)

and while this goes without saying, i must mention that another source of happiness for me is my very own backyard. as we speak, i am earnestly watching the weather updates, waiting for that temperature to rise just a hair more, so I can throw on a tank top and shorts and spend the rest of the day being lazy in the sun. grass between my toes. clouds in my hair. birdsong in my ears.

there is nothing like closing your eyes and actually FEELING life in the things around you. one of my favorite sensations is feeling the breeze. this invisible force sweeps my clothes, hair. it has the power to cool. to destroy. to transport. it amazes me to ponder the fact that something so un-tangible is also limitless and available. and oh-so-powerful.

i think that is the kind of legacy I would like to leave. one like the wind. a force that comes and goes. one that has enormous impact, but does so seemingly unnoticed on most days. one that is always moving. changing. evolving. wrapping itself around every corner of the earth. a comfort. a constant.

the wind is such a beautiful evasive thing.

i am going to go enjoy it...

assignment::: find your happiness.


  1. I love marta's blog but have never really went through the write club prompts. Wow! I have an empty journal in my purse just screaming for a pen to adorn its pages. But I'm at work right now. Hmmmm....

    Did you sign up for the Unravelling e-course? Hubby asked what i want for my birthday and I told him that i want to take that class! So I hope to get a spot!!! Can't wait!

  2. yay. yay. i was coming to comment and let you know you WON a giveaway; please email me your shipping address. hooray for writing. am so glad you're in the club.

    p.s. i heart Bananagrams.