Friday, May 22, 2009

: ink on my fingers

I don't usually need to actively seek out inspiration. When I see something that strikes me, it hits hard, and all my ideas and passions just come pouring out.

I have many interests. many things that i enjoy. even a couple i think i'm kind of okay at.
But my two biggest, most unwavering interests are ::: writing and photography.
Since I was very young, each of these things have been both intriguing and important to me.

So you can imagine my excitement when I happened upon the wonderful work of photographer: Susannah Conway yesterday. To start, I began reading her blog: INK ON MY FINGERS. and I kept reading. and reading. going through old posts. staring at her photographs. taking it all in.
Her work is so real. so tangible. she shines brilliantly through her writings and pictures. which is something I know we all strive for.

I then made my way over to her Etsy shop. An Etsy visit in general is usually a bad idea for me, because the session usually ends with me logging into PayPal in order to purchase all the items in my cart. But I couldn't help myself, I HAD to see what this gal was offering. Of course, none of her prints disappointed, and I am anxiously awaiting payday so I can collect a few.
Here are some of my favorites::

As I was about to close up the laptop for the evening, I saw a link on her blog that said:

"Unravelling: e-course".

"E-course?" I wondered. I had to investigate.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Conway is offering an online class beginning in July. Tuition for the course includes access to an exclusive blog and flicker page, on which weekly photo/writing assignments will be given and shared. Some communication and teaching will be done through video blogs, and the rest via posts. The class runs for 8 weeks, and I can't think of a better way to stay motivated and inspired this summer. I love that Conway encourages anyone to sign-up, and really promotes the course as an intense self-portrait::: a discovery of yourself. It's not about learning techniques and lingo:: it's discovering your own style and abilities. feeding our own unique creativity.
I only hope I log in fast enough once registration opens, because I am sure the course fills up fast.

I encourage you to find something that gets you motivated. reflect on the things that interest you. make you happy. think about your go-to pick-me-ups. evaluate your goals and passions.

find something that speaks to you. and then, listen.

you won't be sorry you did.


  1. love this. especially when you say 'think about your go-to pick-me-ups.' so perfect. will be doing that all weekend. am happy to have met you and your darling blog. you are a doll. enjoy all the inspiration around you.

  2. I love her too! I'm wanting to take that e-course soooo badly! My birthday's next week...maybe I should just sign up??? ;)

  3. marta: your kind words are invaluable. i too am so glad that blogworld has connected us! your blog is something I look forward to each day. here's to a memorial weekend full of inspiration!!

    jamie: ummm...yeah!! :) you should absolutely sign-up!! if we both get in, we can compare notes :) is registration open yet?