Thursday, May 21, 2009

:: that's what I love about Sunday ::

Growing up, Sundays were always a routine high point in my week. It was an absolute given that we would wake up in the morning, get ready in a rush, eat warm bagels from The Bagel Stop in the car, and spend a few hours at church. When the service was over, my family and our friends would pile into each others cars, and head to a nearby restaurant for lunch. The afternoon would be spent laughing, planning and filling our faces with awesome food. If it was exceptionally beautiful outside, and we were lucky, the adults would get inspired enough to take all of us kids to the park or zoo or putt-putt golf. We'd drive home in the early evening and all crash on the couch in our Sunday best. I don't have a bad childhood memory: but these fun-filled, yet laid back, Sundays are a favorite--and always bring a smile to my face when I think back upon them.

I think these facts from my past are what contribute to my continued love of Sundays. It's almost like Sundays are magical. Its an elusive day: starting the week off fresh and new on some calendars; and holding up the end of the week on others. It doesn't quite seem like the weekend--yet a lot of people are still off work, so it doesn't seem like a weekday either. There's no mail delivered. There's no regular morning talk shows. Stores are closed early, if they're opened at all. Even in this crazy, fast-paced world we all live in, we've managed to maintain a sliver of the glorious peacefulness of Sunday. It's our choice whether or not we choose to personally indulge in it.

As a nurse, I have to work 2 Sundays per month, but the midnight shift allows me to hang on to my beautiful Sunday mornings. I still get great pleasure out of waking up, pouring coffee, going to church, and enjoying the afternoon in whichever way I see fit.

This lead me to be instantly inspired by one of today's Decor8 posts entitled: 'Sunday Suppers'.
When the post appeared in my Google Reader window, I was mesmerized. Look at a few of these awesome images:::

Aren't these tables you would just flip to be seated at each Sunday afternoon? Surrounded by gorgeous displays and great company? It's my grown-up Sunday dream:: completely inspired by my childhood full of tables covered in kids menus and crayons. dolls and books. mac and cheese and chicken fingers. moms and dads cutting up pieces and laughing at each others jokes. kids convincing servers we really could have an additional glass of chocolate milk. tables full of life and love.

oh what beautiful things Sundays can hold.

What are your favorite Sunday plans? think about it. share it. DO IT!

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