Wednesday, May 27, 2009

::::lusts and musts

With May almost behind us (isn't that crazy?) and the current week already half over:: i decided to organize my to-do list into 2 categories::: lust & must. i have about 2.4 million things I want/have to do, and this afternoon, i felt inspired to break it all down.

here's to an awesome weekend, and the beginning of summer::::

(first and foremost) THE MUSTS:::

- walk on the treadmill at least ONCE before tying up my laces for RACE FOR THE CURE on Saturday
- stain my desk a deep espresso brown
- cash the checks i have in my purse
- finish collecting pledges for the bowl-a-thon
- go to employee health for my yearly TB test
- get the oil changed in my car (and pray that little leak from the rear-end is nothing)
- locate, wash and dry my bathing suit
- pay my bills
- fill up more pages in my journal (yep- write club made the must list!)
- pay elizabeth for my Coldplay ticket
- vacuum
- spend friday with the three most amazing boys ever:::


- purchase the quilt from Target I've been eyeing
- make a trip to the scrapbook store in order to stock up on crafty items
- rendezvous with sandhya to see her wedding dress
- go to the Detroit Institute of Art for the Norman Rockwell exhibit
- actually FINISH the books (yes, plural) I am reading
- revamp my ipod playlists
- catch up on my DVR items
- find a good deal on Red Wing Playoff tickets
- re-paint my toenails
- go out for sushi
- schedule my spa day with rachel
- grill salmon on the bbq
- obtain at least 2 of these place settings by Martha Stewart

What's on your list?

1 comment:

  1. My musts are very short for the weekend...
    Go out for sushi for my birthday
    Get a library card and take my kids to the library. (we've never been! yikes!)
    Put the laundry away that's been sitting out for a week...or just wear it and put it back in the hamper, lol.

    create, create, create
    sleep, sleep, sleep
    (Tho those could be my musts as well)
    Maybe I should just think on it more. I'm not very good at this, lol.