Thursday, May 14, 2009

: things I've learned from children :::

We were all children once.
But how easy it is to forget the simplicity of just living.
The innocence and eagerness of being a child.
What it's like to see without prejudice or experience.
I love spending time with kids.
It's refreshing.
But I don't engage with them to teach.
I am there to be taught:::

(two of my favorites!)

Things I've learned from children:::

- ice cream tastes better in the morning (or anytime before dinner actually)
- sleeping in is over-rated
- hugs are always a given
- everyone is normal
- swing sets are time machines
- bedtime stories give you sweet dreams
- nothing is impossible::: you can and will do everything
- outside is better than inside
- the world is a canvas of imagination (and occasionally of markers)
- the view is awesome from upside down
- mommies are best friends
- the best timepiece is the sun
- pb&j is more exciting without the crust
- you can't lick enough spoons
- stickers are worth their weight in gold
- being a grown-up seems a lot cooler than it actually is
- love is unconditional
- bugs and rocks are the perfect pets
- dirt don't hurt
- anything can be a toy (thank God for top shelves)
- peek-a-boo is hilarious
- distance is measured by landmarks
- it's okay to giggle loudly and clear your throat while playing hide & seek
- kisses really do make it better
- helping others is helping yourself
- it's little things that make you a hero
- if it isn't messy, it isn't fun
- dogs are bean bags and pillows and ponies
- really, just being present is enough

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