Friday, May 15, 2009

:: guilty pleasures and wish lists:

Ahh! Early morning on what is promised to be a busy day...

I have the pleasure of hanging out with my three best men (Graham 5, Reid 2, Dean 5mo.), while their mommy and daddy go work hard for that money! Every other Friday, I look forward to being able to spend time with them. As you can see from yesterday's post::: the little gentlemen have taught me quite a bit. The only thing about the experience that I would change is how unfathomably early I have to get up. I'm a midnights waking up early here! And while it might seem odd that being up at 5:30 working and actually GETTING up at 5:30 to go to work are so different for me---believe me- they ARE!!
Once I'm up and in the groove and at my patients bedside, it's easy to forget I'm working (the 4 pots of coffee don't hurt either).
But when you're curled up warm and cozy in bed, and you hear the God-awful sound of your alarm going off, signaling your time to get up---you almost feel like, with the proper tool, you could harm someone.

But I get up in spite of that. and I survive. even though at times I feel like I might not.

In other news:::
I spent a little while perusing the Anthropologie website yesterday afternoon and came across this chair that I absolutely died over:::
I was almost shaking with glee! I thought to myself::

"Wait---I just clicked on the SALE tab! Is this on sale?? Where is the price??
It must be mine!"

But just as quickly as I was catapulted to the heights of pure glee, I was brought crashing down.
With a "sale" price of $700, this little number was sadly out of my reach...
I couldn't completely let go, though. I caved and placed the item on my Anthro "wishlist", in the rare chance that they decide to clearance it out for $5.99.

Then, after my pouting and mourning was over, my friend Kellie and I packed up my Durango and headed out for the evening.

A guilty pleasure of both of ours is watching the TV show ::: Jon and Kate Plus 8. When we heard Kate Gosselin was coming to speak at a "mom's night out" conference nearby, we immediately purchased tickets---just assuming that the "mom" part was optional.
In lieu of the recent scandalous media coverage surrounding the family (am I the only one sick of tabloids?), we were concerned she might cancel her appearance. But when we arrived, the event was business as usual.

Kate briefly addressed the news coverage before beginning, and handled herself with grace as she spoke. She gave a charming, informed speech about her experiences, her life, her faith and the lessons she's learned. She wrapped it all up with audience Q&A.

And I'm not gonna lie::: Kellie and I rather enjoyed the conference---and our "mom's" night out!

We rounded out the evening with a trip to Starbucks, and a couple of lattes. Which is, personally, my favorite way to wrap up any night!!

All in all, it was a glorious, sunny day in the Mitten:::

But now, a new day has's to embracing all that it has to hold...


  1. wow, what a night. i'm jealous you got to see kate in person, she amazes me! am glad you enjoyed your 'mom night' out.

    happy weekend.

  2. she pretty much blows my mind too! I mean, eight kids in general is mind-boggling---but when you take into account that 3/4 of them are the same age....even with help, I don't know how she does it!!

    hope you have an awesome weekend as well :)