Monday, May 11, 2009

you are the money maker:::

Tonight was intended to be my fifth straight midnight shift.

For the most part, I do my very best not to complain, because my schedule usually rocks. I don't know very many people whose full-time work week is merely 3 days. However, staying up for 5 twelve hour midnight shifts in a busy labor and delivery unit is stretching me a bit. Since infanthood I have been 'sleeps' numero uno fan!! When I start getting behind on my zzzzz::: evil ashley emerges....and please be warned---she isn't nearly as lovely as the real one!
In addition, one of the more prominent aspects of my job is compassion---which starts running a little thin around 3am, when you're chuggin along on 4 1/2 hours of sleep.

Thank God for the Yahoo! frontpage story I saw last week:::

"Coffee linked to weight loss and cancer prevention"

At this rate, I should be about 90 lbs and living forever.
My usual evening consumption of java averages out to about 3-4 VERY LARGE glasses per shift.

One night, we were so busy on the unit, I never got a coffee break.....I don't remember driving home the next morning. I think I fell asleep somewhere between the parking lot at work, and my neighborhood.

With all this in mind, you can imagine my relief when I received a call at 5:25pm from the coordinator at work informing me that, if I so desired, I could stay at home from 7p-11p.

I hit my knees. Kissed the ground. Wept for joy. Then left for Target!

Even with the hovering possibility that I might have to go into work at 11p, I can't wipe the smile off my face.

+++ even if I would have had to go in (like a normal person!) I would have still had the following to keep me happy and least happy!

::: this blog

::: this album

::: this photo

Until tomorrow...

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