Monday, June 22, 2009

:::: the summer list

: what i love about summer :

country music.. pink toe nails.. green green grass.. sand between my toes.. cold iced tea.. ferris wheels.. bbqs.. fireworks.. tiki torches.. sunshine till 9pm.. the beach.. capris.. photo booths at carnivals.. flip flops.. outdoor seating at restaurants.. graduation parties.. tan lines.. tank tops.. pineapple.. bright colors.. thunderstorms.. driving with the windows down.. concerts.. not wearing makeup.. pink lip gloss.. sprinklers.. garage sales.. brilliant blue skies.. gerber daises.. polka dots.. hawaiian music on the garage stereo.. bathing suits.. sundresses.. lawn chairs.. picnic tables.. air shows.. water balloons.. firecracker popsicles.. igloo coolers.. blimps.. the ice cream man.. kiddie pools.. hammocks.. kids playing till dark.. bike rides.. eastern market flowers.. cool-ish nights.. sunsets on the water.. the smell of tanning lotion..

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