Friday, July 24, 2009

:: and so it begins...

{via d*s}

well. i 've gone and done it.

i have started work on a book.

writing a book has been something i have wanted to do for a long, long time. If the big world of journalism wasn't so touch-and-go, and competitive, i would've jumped at the chance to pursue it as my main source of income. however, logic broke in at some point and i decided to get a job that would keep me busy, supported and still allow me time to chase after my dream of one day writing a book. or perhaps a magazine column.

i got inspired the other morning when i couldn't sleep. i picked up my current read (see sidebar!), successfully finished a few chapters, and thought to myself:

"i can do this! i can be funny and write about the ridiculous things that have happened to me. i am nothing if not one L-O-N-G story. i can really do this!"

that was all it took. one tiny AHA! moment. one second of inspiration. and i've been writing for about two solid days now. i'm organizing my book into short stories. the craziness is best broken down-- bit by bit. but it's also accessible to me that way. i've always been afraid of the "chapter book":: one cohesive story that keeps people interested, yet isn't too confusing. i am much better at one rip-roaring hilarious short vignette at a time.

it feels amazing to get things down on paper. to sit back and actually laugh at my own work. to feel accomplished in a small way.

i can't wait to print off the starter pages and share them with a few friends. get some honest feedback. gauge a few reactions.

i'm in this now. hold on for the ride!

p.s:: cutest. thing. ever.


  1. I would soooo buy a book you've written!!! You're such a talented writer!!!
    My hubby was just telling me about this video! I love it! It makes me so happy!!! I'm gonna have to post it on mine! ;)

  2. Ashley!! This makes me SO happy!! You are such a talented writer, I CAN NOT WAIT to read your book. :) :) :)
    Love you!!