Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the tuesday list:

what's on my mind this tuesday:::

- my new essie nail polish

- the summer j.crew catalog (it's love. pure visual lustful love)

- new music on itunes

- cleaning. cleaning. cleaning.

- book club with s.

- one more day of work before my "weekend"

- hotel reservations for a stay-ca-tion

- an afternoon in birmingham:: anthropologie. the cupcake station. the palladium. sum-thing.

- payday!

- changing purses

- love. loss. loving again.

- taking pictures. printing pictures. charging my poor little camera

- love for my 5-year diary

- the paper exchange

- wishing summer would return::: rain & 60 degrees? single tear.

" when we wear a mask: the only person we are fooling is ourselves"

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