Tuesday, July 14, 2009

:: paper tigers ::

what is the origin of fear?

on what do i base my fears?

i am pondering these things on this glorious, perfect summer evening.

earlier: suzanne, ramin, sandhya and i drove with the top down to downtown detroit. we hit up mexican town and ate at an amazing little restaurant. we cruised around the old city. past the crumbling train station. the nearly destroyed tiger's stadium. ancient churches. we drove along the river and listened to french music. laughter rang out into the evening sky. our silk scarves billowed in the breeze. it was almost like a movie. and it made me wonder: what have i to fear? fears are relative. fears are paper tigers.
i am blessed to have never seen the worst things this world has to offer. and i know a tragedy in my world could only falter in comparison to the true devastation, poverty and struggle of others.

i want to be fearless. i don't want to worry about my future. or about what other people think. these are things i cannot control. i want to know that regardless of what happens to me: i already have more than i could ever deserve. i have life. i have love. i have this night.

and i'm good.

mexican cantina:: july 13 2009

old detroit train station::

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