Friday, July 10, 2009

:: savoring summer

ahhhh....these warms days. and cool mornings. and clear nights.

i am doing everything in my power to savor every moment of this glorious summer. each day is jammed full of adventures. and more often than not- obligation, as well. but doesn't it somehow seem that even the mundane, uneventful nuances of our life are given a fresh chance at tolerable when glistening in the summer sunshine?

picked some fresh berries earlier this week. i felt like laura ingalls wilder: frolicking through the berry bushes, curling my shirt up to act as basket for all my collected edibles. i washed those beautiful little blackberries and packed a container up to share with the girls at work. each berry was, of course, met with plenty of "ooo's & ahh's".

spent a little time fiddling with my camera settings, as well-- using this gorgeous flower as my test subject. with the ISO set at 200, and the blazing summer sun providing pitch-perfect lighting-- i snagged a shot i was pleased with.

i also got to spend this summer friday with the boys. which i didn't realize would include an afternoon with my own personal Linus.


been seriously enjoying this blog:

(via m.writes)

i spent a good hour pouring over the archives: getting ideas, jotting notes. such a charming place in blogland.


lots of little scattered thoughts today.

including the fact that i am looking forward to a warm bath, a good book, the new J.Crew catalog, and my sinus medication this evening. hopefully the combo will ensure some peaceful sleep in anticipation of another awesome summer weekend.

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