Monday, July 6, 2009

: late-night confession

what happens to professional, intelligent people when it's 1:30 am, and they can't sleep, and the only thing left on this planet to do is turn on the television?....

daisy of love- happens.

i took this picture while lying on the pull-out couch in the living room around 2:30am. i took it in disbelief. could this seriously be the THIRD successive episode i have watched of this nonsense? i couldn't look away. it was a train wreck. i mean, you expect the dead-head, black haired cage fighters and rockers to be just desperate enough to come on VH1 looking for "true love"---but high school teachers? and bankers? and jazz musicians? seriously?
if i heard one more time how "daisy" was the most beautiful woman in the whole world, and how these pitiful guys were here to devote their lives to her, i was going to loose my dinner. but i couldn't change the channel. (or better yet- just turn the tube off and get some zzzz.) by some power larger than myself, i was unable to reach for the remote. or close my eyes. i sat glued- albeit disgusted- but glued none-the-less- while daisy chatted up "flex", and "sinister", and "12-pack", and "weasel", and "flipper". ugh....rehashing the madness is shameful.

how can father's of 4 children, who have worked hard their entire lives, be unemployed. how can single mom's be working 2 and 3 jobs just to make ends meet. how can entire cities be closing down supermarkets- and banks- and libraries- and newspapers. and THIS girl still has a job. and not just a job- a TV show...with the whole world at her fingertips?? it's truly sinful.

i say this out of very real anger- all the while knowing i probably single-handedly paid for her next bleach job with my tune-in-time last night.

i hereby solemnly swear to watch nothing other than HGTV, Gilmore Girls re-runs, and the History channel after 11pm.

now: off i go to read some proust. i need my brain cells back. STAT.

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