Friday, July 3, 2009

:::pen-ultimate summer night

ever since i took my bio & organic chemistry class, i can't hear or utilize the word 'ultimate' without thinking of the pen-ultimate carbon atom found in glucose molecules.
and while i realize that this makes me sound extremely nerd-ish, i am unashamed. it's just one of those word cues that has stuck with me. so in my attempt to gather words to explain my fun evening, i stumbled across 'ultimate' in my vocabulary-- which of course, led to the train of thought mentioned above.

last night was a pen-ultimate summer night.

i began the evening by spending a few hours with my grandpa. he is your stereo typical ornery old man. he hates the government. and doctors. and kids in the neighborhood. and laws. he surprised me yesterday, however, by being in disarmingly good spirits. laughing. joking. smiling. eating. perhaps the years are wearing him down.

after dinner and conversation, i ran to my friends house to let her dogs out, change and pick up sandhya. (she has a rare weekend off for the holiday, and we intend on taking FULL advantage.) we were both craving bubble tea. (if you have never heard of it. you should. and soon!) the only really really good place to get said tea is in ann arbor. college town. home of the university of michigan. so we loaded up my durango and headed out. when we arrived, we realized we were hungry, so we wandered around looking for an open establishment. we came across a place called "charlies", that had big windows, an outdoor cantina, and music playing. when we got inside, the place was alive---peppered with students of all ages and backgrounds. we tucked ourselves away into a corner booth, ordered burgers and hummus, and drank iced tea out of h.u.g.e mason jars. the night wore on and we talked and talked. eventually, we made our way down the street to get bubble tea. the sidewalks were littered with people soaking up with awesome night. everyone said hi. shook your hand. once we reached bubble island, we retrieved our cups of goodness, grabbed a table and took turns reading pages of the new issue of Glamour magazine to each other. more laughter. more conversation.

we drove home with perm-a-grins. what a fantastic summer night.

a pen-ultimate night-- indeed.

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  1. What would we do without our girlfriends huh sweetie? I hope you had a great weekend xoxo