Wednesday, July 1, 2009

summer: see, wear, capture:::


if you are having a bad day. if you are within the 'extra emotional' time of the month. if you're sad about anything else in your life. heed my warning and WAIT to go see 'my sisters keeper' in theaters. this is my sincere plea. from experience i can tell you:: the dam's will runneth over. the floodgates will be lifted. your emotions will swell to the brink. the napkin dispenser near the popcorn counter will be empty of napkins. for this movie is horrifically sad.

but it's also wonderful. i had read the book by jodi picoult several years ago- so i knew the premise of the story- but to see it set to music and so beautifully acted, brought on entirely new feelings and emotions. grown men in the theater were crying like babies. young teenage guys with their girlfriends were trying to quickly wipe tears away with the corner of their pink floyd t-shirts. it was a weep fest of monumental proportions.

so i recommend the movie with caution. it is definitely NOT for the weak & weary. but it is an excellent, controversial story about life, death, love and family.

in other (more pleasant) news:: they arrived. the ultra-fabulous silver TOMS are mine. they fit like a glove. they're insanely comfortable. they sparkle. need i say more? i think not!
i love that i can feel good about the purchase of these shoes. it's truly rewarding to realize that, as i am slipping my new shoes on, a little child on the other side of the world--who has been walking barefoot their whole life-- is slipping on theirs too.

"toms on feet" summer june 2009

i've also noticed that i've taken quite a few pictures of flowers this summer. it's no mystery why: their stillness, color and beauty are captivating. i think it's interesting to note all the different places where one can come across flowers. they are planted in pots. in the ground. in hanging planters. they are on tabletops and counters. in windows. in vases. they are a summer staple. and i am in love with them.

"love note"
rashy's kitchen counter: summer june 2009

"floating flowers"
royal oak street corner: summer june 2009

"gerber in the city"
planter outside 'neighborhood knits': summer may 2009

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