Monday, June 29, 2009

what i love today:::

i just can't wait to try this darling little cupcake shop that recently opened near my work.
their treats look amazing. and i've heard they taste even better.
pictures & a full report as soon as i indulge.

i did it. i ordered another pair of TOMS. i went out on a limb and ordered them in the silvery variety.
i love sparkle. and these bad boys have got it.
i am having such a love affair with my original TOMS, i knew i could do no wrong with another.
these gems should be arriving today.
oh the sparkly summer adventures we'll have.

I adore genevieve. have you seen this woman's HGTV show? can she do any wrong?
i love every room she puts together. i drool over every accent item or focal piece you chooses for a room.
her passion for her expertise is contagious.
what i'd give to let her and the crew loose in a few of my rooms...

you don't have to be getting married to love this summer's issue of martha stewart weddings.
i was drawn to the bright, cheerful cover while standing in the checkout line at target.
i loved the pink fonts. the balloons. the sunshine.
i bought a copy. and can i tell you--the pages are oozing with colorful decorating and planning ideas.
you find yourself dog-earring every page. grabbing your sticky note tabs.

anyone who is looking for a creative fix should pick up this issue. whether you're single, engaged or already married- there are ideas you can use in a variety of creative capacities.

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