Sunday, June 28, 2009

: weekend recap :::

1) sandhya & i joined forces once again and went to anthony's farewell party on friday night. it's no surprise we had an excellent time. good food. good friends. gorgeous night. it had 'perfect summer memories' written all over it. kelly had called me earlier in the day and asked me if i could pick up some fresh bread from the breadsmith to accompany her tasty spinach dip. of course i obliged. it was so delicious- i wasn't even able to snag a photo of the glorious loaves before they were both devoured.

2) i stayed at my friend suzanne's house this weekend while her and her hubby went to visit her parents in kentucky. i love staying at her place. her taste is impeccable and her love of all things french and paris, mirrors my own. as you ascend the stairs in her living room, you are almost overwhelmed by this over-over-over sized eiffel tower print. it's gorgeous. and the photo doesn't do it a lick of justice.

3) do you ever find that you never really realize just how many little things it takes to put yourself together? i always think of myself as pretty low maintenance. i can get up, make coffee, eat breakfast, shower, get ready and be out the door in 45 mins. but whenever i am traveling, or staying someplace other than my home, i realize just how many beauty "essentials" i really have. i walked into the bathroom last night to wash my face and brush my teeth and couldn't believe all the sprays and balms and hair nic-nacs that were scattered about. this picture only captures one corner of the counter...but i think you get the gist.

4) the main purpose of my stay at suzanne's was to watch her 3 mischievous dalmatians. i love these dogs. really and truly. they might wake me up at 7am. and they might droll all over my clean top. and they might scatter kibble all over the kitchen. and they might bark at the neighbors. and my friends. and the cat. and the postman. and the car driving by. but they're awesome. and how could you not love waking up to these cuties all curled up next to you in bed?

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