Saturday, June 27, 2009

: m.j. favorites :

i wonder--in 40 years, when i am older. grayer. when i have grandchildren. i wonder if they will ask me if i remember michael jackson. the same way i asked my grandparents if they remembered the beatles. and when jfk was shot. and ameila earhart. i wonder if they will love mj's music as much as i did. if their childhood memories will be scattered with bits of his tunes. if they'll moonwalk. and dance to thriller. and sing 'beat it' at the top of their lungs in the back of a field trip van. or if they'll still be listening to the Jackson 5 christmas album. if they'll know what people mean when they talk about 'the white glove'. if they'll remember their friends screaming anytime they heard one of his songs.
it's crazy to think that michael jackson will be 'the past'. in history books. his music has always been my present. what a weird realization to know that one day, you'll be the one telling a story about where you were when you found out the legendary icon- michael jackson- died.
i am thankful for what he has brought to the music world. may his undeniable creative genius live on.

::m.j. must haves::
man in the mirror
beat it
dirty diana
p.y.t. (pretty young thing)
billie jean
i want you back
rock with you
the way you make me feel
smooth criminal
i'll be there
black & white
i saw mommy kissing santa claus
don't stop till you get enough
will you be there (free willy theme song)
**my favorite as a child**

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