Friday, August 28, 2009

:: i hope it's gonna make you notice....

these final moments of summer are slipping from my grasp so quickly, it seems. i am trying with all of my might to cling onto them. savor them. but each day it gets darker earlier. and each night it gets cooler. and each afternoon get quieter as, one-by-one, the children in the neighborhood start going back to school. i am trying to see the silver lining behind the arrival of fall and winter. i am focusing on scarves and sweaters. hot chocolate and warm apple cider. pumpkins and orchards. the swell of holiday excitement. crisp leaves crunching beneath my feet. but, try as i might, i can't help but mourn the loss of the heat. the sunshine. hot pink sandals. warm breezes. tan skin. the smell of coconut lotion. the feel of cool water. summer makes me feel so alive. and man, do i love that feeling.

in other news:
1) i am indescribably ecstatic about the new seasons of Top Chef and Project Runway. i don't watch a lot of TV, and can't say that i adore the reality television era we live in, but i can't get enough of these two shows. i love showcasing creativity---and if there is anything in this world that i want to spend additional time engaging in---it's food and fashion!

2) it's official: i have received my tickets in the mail---and i'm going to the Kings of Leon concert. if you haven't heard these guys- you must! their creativity and passion are contagious. i can't wait to be a part of the energy in their live show.

3) i am currently creating "the list"-- which consists of all the things i plan on budgeting for and purchasing in the next few months. i figured setting some shopping goals might help soften the blow of summers end. so far i've established that i will be purchasing::

a michael kors watch
a really good pair of jeans
new fall attire from j.crew and anthropologie
new perfume
a fall bag
a new hair cut

ahhhh....i feel a smidge better just thinking about fresh new things. there really is something therapeutic about buying things, isn't there?

here's to summer and fall and shopping and living!

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