Wednesday, September 2, 2009

time after time:::

i can hardly believe that it's already September.

and then again- doesn't it seem like we've been writing 2009 on our checks for decades?

time is such an elusive, magical thing. one moment it feels as though the days go fast, but the years go slow. and then, just as quickly, it feels the opposite. on what do we even base our concept of time? i am unsure::: all i know is i am utterly grateful when i wake up in the morning and have the blessing of seeing the sun again. of loving and being loved again. of placing my fingers gingerly on my wrist and feeling the rhythmic beating of my heart. let time- may it be fast or slow- carry me with it for as long as it sees fit.

thought i would take a moment to share a few of the gorgeous pictures my friend Kellie took on her trip to India this past month! what an experience! i can't wait to finally sit down with her over sushi & starbucks and hear the full report!

also::: newest blog addiction HERE

happy wednesday!

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