Thursday, September 3, 2009

OHHH:: what a beautiful morning:::

It's 0920. that perfect time of the morning. you've completely woken up, had at least one cup of coffee, and have an entire day ahead of you. the sun is casting it's delicious shadows on the sidewalks & porches. the neighborhood remains peaceful. still. quiet. the cats lay in narrow beams of light in the living room. regis & kelly banter on quietly from the television. the possibility is palpable in the air. ahhhh.....another day. another adventure. another chance to cross a few things off of your to-do list. to read a few more chapters in your current novel. to go for an afternoon stroll.

life is not a mystery. and about nothing should we fear. the world knows---God knows---exactly what will happen next, as if it already had. all we have to do is wake up, and be willing to be where we need to be & when. i imagine each day like emulating Mary Poppins. i just arise, open my umbrella, and let the wind take me where it may. oh the pure joy of releasing fret. worry. obligation. do what you have to do. what you want to do. and what doesn't get done doesn't need to get done. there's always tomorrow. and if there isn't---well....then it really won't matter, anyway will it?

i don't just live. i love living.

OH!! && if you get a free moment:: stop by the PARTY!


  1. what a fun post. i need to be reminded to love the mornings a little more. ;)

  2. ooh i love this. and i appreciate the shout out. and i love miss kelly and mr. regis as the morning background guests. you're right about what doesn't get done.. great insight.