Saturday, September 5, 2009

:: it's the little things you do to me

i am easy to please.

it takes very little to make me genuinely excited. or to put a smile on my face. take for example, two days ago::: i was bustling out the door, rather annoyed, trying to juggle several bags, books and my car keys, when i notice a stack of mail on the table. i quickly readjust my things in order to be able to slide a few fingers over and swipe through the collection of various envelopes and magazines. i tossed aside bills and coupons and advertisements and magazines and reminders---and was about to give up hope that i had received anything of substance, when i saw it. the new anthropologie catalog. and just like that--- carrying seventeen bags and ninety books and key and shoes and sunglasses wasn't an inconvenience. having to go into work was a sheer pleasure! i simply couldn't wait to leaf through that magazine and bask in its beauty and inspiration.

&& while we're talking about it---what beauty and inspiration it holds indeed! i am seriously in utter and complete love with this months issue. it's actually making me excited for fall::: for cool breezes and long sweaters and smooth boots. the milky photographs and to-die-for outfits are so dreamy. i can't wait to hit the store in birmingham with my extra paycheck this month and do some serious fashion damage.

not sure what the rest of today will bring::: some yoga perhaps? before my 4 hour shift at the hospital? i am loving the possibility...

to the weekend!

fyi: currently downloading::: nina simone

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