Monday, September 21, 2009

the marvels of monday:::

i used to hate mondays.

when i was in school throughout highschool and college, monday was the end of your weekend. your break. your time with family and friends. it ushered in work and classes and responsibility.

now, i love mondays. look forward to them, actually.

especially when it lands that i don't have to work in the evening. to me, they are a fresh start. the epitome of a "clean slate". i can look into the future and see days upon days of possibility lining up. i can smile knowing that i have the time and resources to cross a few things off of my to-do-list. it's refreshing.

on this particular monday, i count myself inexpressibly blessed to be able to sit here with a cup of warm coffee and get my thoughts and feelings into words. it's such an amazing release. such an awesome privilege. i have a few little mini-projects on the horizon, and they have me pumped. and i mean, really pumped. i'll be sure to share when things start coming together a bit more!

++ i couldn't help but snag this picture to post. look at this woman?! what a glorious example of the beauty and radiance of pregnancy. i see the rather bloody/gory/ultra-amazing side of pregnancy at my job in labor and delivery, and you sometimes forget the months in between. when it's just mom and baby. and anticipation. and thankfulness. and this undeniable glow.

heidi is definitely making pregnancy work!

here's hoping that your monday is a little less manic and a little more marvelous.

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  1. Mondays and I are still in a love/hate relationship. :) In a way, it's my break, because I'm back at school, and while hard, it's my time away from my girls and where I can just be Sonya, not mom. But then again, I'm always still frazzled from the weekend, so I think Tuesday is my real love. ;)

    I hope you had a great day!