Sunday, September 20, 2009

figs. figs. a most magical fruit:::

dear blogland. what you see before your eyes is quite possibly the best and most tasty treat on the planet.

not too pleasing to the eye, i know. but please withhold judgement till i've plead my case.

unfortunately i did NOT get called off work last night, so movie viewing got the boot, but my dear friend and co-worker Tami made up for the loss by introducing me to these fabulous, delicious, dried fruit snacks. i sat there staring at her, round about 1 o'clock in the morning, as she devoured a ziplock baggie full of these brown shriveled sacks. i gave her the questioning eyebrow. what WAS she eating? she gave me a quick education on figs and handed the baggie across the counter, more or less daring me to give them a whirl. i gingerly took one out and was surprised to discover that they were just the right balance of soft and firm. i bit into one and was meet with the fabulous fruit chewiness of the seedy inside. think fig newton, without the cookie. and 100x better!

i was down for the count. one hit of fig was all it took for me to be a bon-a-fide addict. but i don't feel guilty. these suckers are jam packed with calcium, magnesium, and countless other nutrients. but trust me, that's just icing. these little gems truly are delicious.

turkish figs. who would of thought?

move over chocolate covered pretzels & make room for your new roommate in snackville.

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