Saturday, September 19, 2009

the edge of love:

just purchased the movie "The Edge of Love". cross your fingers with me that i get called off work tonight. i can think of nothing more satisfying than spending the evening curled up in my cozy jammies, with a mug of warm chai tea, watching this film.

here's to a peaceful early fall saturday evening...


  1. i saw your comment on m.writes and was drawn in immediately by your writing style. when i came to visit your blog i was surprised to see that you did not have hundreds of comments following every post. i love your blog design and from what i quickly looked at, i like your topics too. and mostly, i like how you write.
    i am not normally one for posting on a stranger's blog, but something made me feel differently about this. maybe it's your love of sharpie pens.
    so hello.
    i will now try to refrain from reading your archives for least for tonight.

  2. me again...
    other reasons i may have been prompted to comment:
    maybe it's that we read many of the same blogs or maybe it's your post "ask and ye shall receive" (can relate) :)

  3. thank you so so much for these kind words!
    i love blogging about the things i love, and knowing someone else gets a kick out of it---just makes it all the more fun!

    glad you enjoyed some of my posts! sharpies and paul newman....i can't think of two better things to bond over :)