Friday, September 18, 2009


randomly (but oh-so-appropriately) i discovered this essential truth via a little blog called "girl and coconut". a style therapist named Danielle LaPorte has a whole website full of these little "truisms", as she calls them, but i remained most effected by this one.

i literally took a pause. rolled the statement around in my brain a little. sat and had a good long think. i am struggling with this, as of late. i am passionately in love with life. and am not naive to, nor am i unthankful for, all the countless blessings in my life---including my good job in these difficult times. but i feel like, specifically in the area of my work, i lack passion. i lack that drive. i have so long been creatively focused, and when i decided to leave my theater and writing dreams in the past to pursue a career that would more easily sustain me---i kind of got lost.

i feel most happy when i am scribbling a poem. concocting a hilarious (and usually TRUE) short story. dissecting the production of a fabulous movie. listening to music with my eyes closed. i feel the blood in my veins. i feel alive.

but how do i transpose that passion to the hospital. to the call lights. the injections. the politics of the medical field. is the key finding peace within my work? or examining my work as a means--or stepping stone-- to accomplishing something i am truly passionate about?

where's the balance? where's the middle place between passion & obligation?

it is my sincere prayer that God ignites my passion anew. and sets me in the very heart of my dreams.

until then----my challenge to you & to myself, is to find passion in the now.

make life your passion.

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