Thursday, September 10, 2009

paris love::: part II

in keeping with my paris theme this afternoon, i couldn't resist popping in for "paris round II".
while scouring over the gorgeous, and lust-inducing "your paris" flickr group, i came across the snapshot above & immediately stopped to examine it. to really decipher everything it captures. the obvious rainfall. the suns attempt at a revival. the "in rain or shine" appeal of the eiffel tower. how gorgeously this picture embodies a moment in time. a moment in paris. if living vicariously through the adventures of others wasn't enough to make me want to tip my hat to my work & family and jump a plane to france, i happened upon this link at 'A Cup of Jo'. a "haven in paris" to my ears! so i clicked. what i discovered induced a ' be-still-my-heart' moment. villas for rent in paris??? this exists? it's attainable to me? the only three words ringing in my head were "two-week notice".
wouldn't it be the ultimate adventure to drop everything and set up shop in a parisian villa?
ahhh....the glory of that fantasy!

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