Friday, September 11, 2009

:: whatever lola wants, lola gets

please look at this bottle:::

it's magnificent. the moment i saw it featured in the September issue of LUCKY magazine, i knew that-- even if the perfume smelled like skunk spray -- i was owning it. i wanted this bad boy strategically placed on my dresser, right next to it's sister DAISY. and it's cousin FANCY. and it's muse SUPERMODEL. and it's daddy GIVENCHY. in case you can't tell, i have a little thing for fragrance. and i am also a stickler for some good packaging. the combination is often lethal to my pocket book. that's beside the point though. i knew i wanted this new marc jacobs offering--- and i wanted it bad. so--after work one night, i drove straight to the mall, parked right near the door of macy's, and waited until the nice man in the crisp white shirt came and unlocked the doors. then, i sprinted in, located the fragrance counter and immediately laid into the old lady behind the counter as to the the whereabouts of LOLA. she kindly presented me with a bottle and i was out the door. (after paying of course). now- i can't lie to you. at first, i was not taken by the actual scent. it was a bit flowery for me. i tend to lean more towards musks and vanillas and deeper smells. but i talked myself into trying it out. and i was pleasantly surprised. once settled on the skin, the grapefruit undertones set in, and a rather pleasant aroma stays with you for the rest of the day. and while it's definitely NOT a fragrance to use in excess-- one dainty spray provides a subtle and intriguing olfactory sensation.

and did i mention the bottle absolutely rocks?

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