Wednesday, September 30, 2009

::: this & that

oh my. blogland has my sincere apologies for the excess of tumbleweeds that have been blowing through this deserted space. finished off my 5th consecutive midnight shift last night and am ready to curl up with autumn for the next few days. hello, rest. pleased to make your acquaintance, relaxation.

here a few quick & random thoughts:

1. indescribably jazzed about preparing for the launch of my newest undertaking: dwell. am co-piloting this incredible ship with summer. and i couldn't be more pleased.

2. spent an embarrassing amount of my fresh paycheck at target this morning. but walked away with a fabulous rust colored pea coat. an awesome shirt dress. blue & gray plaid flats. a new novel. a "congrats on your baby" card for philene. and madonna's newly released 'greatest hits'. (i couldn't resist!)

3. finally decided on a new fall lip color. 'decadent' by arbonne is this season's lucky winner!

4. just made last minute plans to attend the Detroit Tiger's game tonight. must unpack hoodies from storage. it's gonna be a chilly one.

5. realizing just how much i love pumpkin spiced lattes.

6. also realizing that i have been blessed beyond measure. have more than i could ever deserve. and need to trust.

life. is. good.


  1. oh yes. pumpkin spice latte and that stop at target.. both so dreamy! i used to have a target 1.2 minutes from my house.. and now i live an hour and a half away from it. i do miss it so. enjoy your days off, ash!

  2. i would never be embarrassed by a proper Target mission. it is always worth it....even if you go way overboard. Target is like therepy.