Thursday, October 1, 2009

:: i heart revolution && baseball

until you've seen it. until you've experienced it. it's almost impossible to imagine the poverty that people, all over the globe, live in. i haven't traveled far outside of this country--but even so-- i have seen families-- individuals-- children-- living in unthinkable surroundings. barely surviving. hungry. filthy. you arrive at their dilapidated doorstep, and offer what limited assistance you can. you share God's love. you paint a kids cheek. you provide a bag or two of store bought items. then you leave. and you cry. and you know that there must be more we can do.

there has to be more.

it's because of these experiences that i was uber excited when i heard about Hillsong's new theater experience on November 4th. i've already purchased my ticket. i urge everyone to see if this powerful documentary will be showing near you. it's not one to miss.

in other news:: last nights Tigers game was phenomenal! and our FREE tickets were only a few rows from the field! i would be lying if i told you it didn't reach a mighty low temperature by the end of the evening--- but it was well worth it! and of course-my bratwurst with mustard kept me warm!

such a fun fall adventure.

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