Friday, October 2, 2009

: the 100th

wow. the 100th post.

i thought about commemorating this auspicious occasion the same way they do on television sitcoms. gather all my favorite little posts and celebrate the big 1-0-0 with a throwback to the past 6 months of blogging.

but then i thought: what does the past have that this very moment doesn't? so instead, i decided that nothing would be more fitting than my feeble attempt at articulating the perfection of the NOW.

it's a perfectly crisp and dreary fall morning. i just dropped little G off at 1st grade---and his younger counterparts are- quite miraculously- playing quietly in the living room. i've cracked the sliding glass door open- and can feel the gentle passage of the cool breeze. rain drizzles outside the window. and the gray shade of these early hours is in direct correlation to the cloud cover. a starbucks cup sits empty on the kitchen counter. the breakfast dishes have been gathered. there is a pot roast simmering in the crock pot--filling the dimly lit kitchen with delicious aromas. everyone is snug inside their long sleeved shirts and worn sweatshirts. the kind of worn that defines "favorite".

if i could bottle this morning. open it up every so often--when i had a few moments for a cup of warm tea and a few chapters in a fabulous novel-- i think i could say with honesty that i had bottled perfection. that i knew the remedy to any terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

but since that is, sadly, impossible-- it is this, my 100th post, that i will think of on those days. i will dare my memory to recall the stillness. the peace. the contentment of this moment. i will revive it. relive it. and allow it to calm even my darkest times.

i am utterly thankful for today.

now. off to order a new northface jacket.


  1. I love this post. I can feel the breeze and the snugness of the favorite shirts!!! You're such an awesome writer! I love reading your posts!!! Congrats on 100!!!

  2. congrats on post #100! blogging is such a fun little world...

  3. congrats! ...what jacket are you going to get?! super exciting!

  4. Happy 100th post!! And congratulations:) AND...thank you so much for your sweet words of advice on my delivery. That made me smile and relax, and I really appreciated it. Have a great weekend!!

  5. 100th post? that's awesome! your writing is beautiful & i love your descriptions! i'm really glad you found my blog because no i found yours! yay!

    have a great weekend....x

  6. i do love your writing and your blog. that absolutely sounds like perfection.

  7. happy one hundred. seriously this is a great post, bottling up days is something i would definitely do if i only could.

    happy north face jackets are my fave. just told dan i was breaking out the puffy for the weekend. hope you have a nice fall evening.