Thursday, October 15, 2009

:: have a cup of cheer

somewhere. nestled in amongst all the hours and minutes of my 4 night work stretch--i found my way to target-- and while i was there, i meandered to the entertainment aisles. and while i was perusing the endless goodies, i happened upon a holiday display. and while glancing at the christmas music, i noticed this::

" a Sugarland christmas album?!"

my heart was full with the purest of joys. and i'm not even going to waste your time pretending that i had the intention of tucking this CD away for a month, or so. allowing october to become a part of history. and giving thanksgiving the opportunity to start shining its glorious light. no. not a chance. from the moment i tossed this little gem into my shopping cart--- i had every single intention of ripping through the plastic packaging and jamming to holly jolly christmas songs, all the way home.

(&& let me assure you--you needn't even like country music to enjoy this band's holiday offering. their style stands on its own)

every year, my family accuses me of indulging in the christmas spirit a wee bit early. and i must confess that it is true. there has even been the occasional year where, by the time december 25th actually rolls around, i've tiered everyone, including myself, out of cheer. but i can't help it. i am enraptured by the first few bars of a holiday tune. i hear those bells jingling. and my toes get tapping. and memories from a lifetime of christmases start flooding my mind. and before you know it-- i've dug the ornaments out of the basement. have breathed new life into granny's spritz recipe. dusted off my charlie brown christmas DVD. and am incessantly humming "silver & gold" from the classic Rudolf cartoon.

&& then-- for every commercial christmas ideal that i embrace-- my heart swells doubly when i think of Jesus' birth. and candlelight services. and mitten trees. and soup kitchens. and the giving. oh the joy it brings me to contemplate, locate and present the perfect gift. i'm getting more excited just thinking about it.

and while old man christmas has snuck in during an inopportune work stretch---i have every intention of basking in holiday glee for the next 5 days. gearing up, once again, for my most favorite holiday. even if it is disturbingly premature.

for it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

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  1. Who knew Sugarland could rock Christmas?
    I love them!
    I'm putting that CD on my list for Christmas.
    Thanks for the suggestion.