Monday, October 26, 2009

:: sweet tea in a mason jar

i have the travel itch. that desire- you just can't shake- to hop into your car and drive till you reach a place that looks good to stop. an adventure, you might say. but a simple one.

the summer before my senior year of highschool, and the 2 summer's that followed graduation, i was part of a theater group. we traveled all over the country- setting up shop on street corners, in parks, at youth camps, in schools. it tended to be a bit stressful on the political side of things-- but i adored the traveling! growing up, my family took a few special vacations, but i had never been too far outside of the mid-west. i relished the opportunity to see so many landmarks and states. i am forever thankful for those experiences.

my most favorite memories of those traveling days, include my time spent in the south. it's no cliche that the atmosphere and people are so genuinely kind there. the town of Dunn, North Carolina was the first stop on our tour, one summer. we spent two glorious weeks there. and the charming place could easily be taken from a film. every house has a whitewashed wrap-around porch-- sporting randomly placed rocking chairs. townsfolk on bicycles troll on by with a jingle of their handle-bar bell, and a "good afternoon to ya!". the hoppin' restaurant is a little diner called Roy's (where you'll be pleased to find the best candied yams and green beans-- on earth!). a trip to wal-mart occurs about twice a day. and sweet tea is constantly being brewed and served to you in mason jars. no one locks their doors. neighbors come and go freely. people give incessantly. the sun perpetually shines. i think of this place often.

and perhaps, it's where i want to be now. i can only imagine this magical little town in the fall. crisp leaves blowing through the streets. gigantic orange pumpkins lining the stairs of the houses. the sweet smell of apple pie filling the yards where children still play till the street lights come on.

oh! Dunn. to be drinking tea from your mason jars. to be rocking on your porches in a thick sweater. to be basking in your simplicity and charm, once again.


  1. That sounds like a perfect place! Stop by and pick me up on your way please! ;)

  2. I live in NC :) Though I have to admit, I was born + raised in PA + I can't stand sweet tea.

    Wilmington is a pretty small city. The downtown is just gorgeous. One Tree Hill is filmed here, all over Wilmington, so you get a pretty good idea of the feel of the town.

  3. Hi Alfie! I lived in Mississippi for 2 years of my life going to college there & the sweet tea in the south is like no other drink. I traveled to North & South Carolina last summer to the ministry that John Mark Mcmillan came out of. It was so beautiful out there!
    I just wanted to say thank you for always commenting on my blog & it's very encouraging. I'm going to have to check out some of the music you told me about. I have been an Amos Lee fan for awhile now & he is wonderful. Oh yes & thank you for telling me about your other blog, I think that is really amazing & I will read it often.

  4. What great memories. I've always wanted to explore North Carolina!