Tuesday, November 17, 2009

good veins and a documentary:::

ahhhh.....tuesday. the day of fresh music. and--inevitably--a trip to target. after my scheduled massage this afternoon was cancelled, i took my time getting ready. i sipped my pomegranate vitamin juice. i listened to michael buble's latest offering. checked my e-mail. then i headed out to purchase the much anticipated new john mayer release.

and can i tell you-- i am not disappointed. john's sound changes ever-so-slightly with each record. and i would have to assess that--in comparison to continuum (his previous album) this one is lighter. perhaps not in content, but definitely in sound. and i'm not even going to lie about how much i love his duet with taylor swift. i must also admit that, while looking at the cover, i realized how much being a nurse has changed my outlook. i actually rolled my eyes at myself when the first thing i noticed was how easy it would be to start an IV on john's fabulous veins. (bet he's never heard that compliment before...)

as i was exiting the "entertainment" aisles, i saw the documentary "food inc.", and immediately tossed it into my basket. i've been aching to see this film. since i made the decision to be vegetarian (which has been a few months now!!) i've been extremely conscious of, not only what i put into my body, but the source of it. from what i've heard, this documentary is an eye-opening look into the world of food collection and processing. i can't wait to curl up with a mug of coffee this afternoon and watch it.

here's to a fabulous tuesday...


  1. I keep hearing about this amazing John Mayer album! I'm going to have to check it out!

    Someday, could you share more about becoming a vegetarian? Do you feel differently? Better?

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!! xo

  2. I drove by Target today debating if I should go in or not since I had just gone to the bank. But I resisted...this time! Oddly enough I haven't heard anything from his new album yet. I guess I'm waiting on a special moment like driving in a friends car or a road trip to hear it.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. let me know what you think about the movie!!!

    happy happy wednesday from japan!

  4. ohh, I'll have to make an itunes purchase tonight! I forgot that came out! I saw it on the pre-order list last week and my mental note was lost somewhere along the way :) Thanks for the reminder! I can't wait to have a listen!

    How is your conversion to vegetarianism going btw? I remember you posting about it before. That always really interests me. I don't think I'm disciplined enough.

    I was a Hospital Corpsman for four years in the Navy + I have to say, I also have really fantastic veins. They're like giant blue pipes running through my arm. Firm, but bouncy. A great stick. ;)