Tuesday, November 24, 2009

: turning the sky back into a sky blue

when i'm absent from this space--- be comforted in the fact that there is good reason. oh-so-good reason. the past week has been a whirlwind of research and meetings and thoughts and prayers and inspiration. i am leaping--with both feet-- into the world of midwifery. the calm and the trust of this practice mirrors what i've been searching for within the hospital walls. i've figured out i will never find it there. and i'm okay with that. my job is a fabulous opportunity to work with great people. perfect my skills. and be an advocate for women. it is the ultimate stepping stone to other things in my life.

so, while posts may be scattered a bit-- stay close. the best is yet to come. (vegetarian update soon!)

in other news:: i had to share the awesome clutch i just purchased from moop.

simplicity speaks volumes.


  1. that is amazing! i wish you lived here....!

  2. ` I was nervous ! reading this this blog has become part of my daily routine. ~~~ i was worried you were never coming back !

  3. BTW....
    Hooray for you and the vast amount of bravery and faith it requires to further your hopes , dreams , and passions! Not to mention standing up high and proud for what you believe in and know to right ! The risk is always worth it. It is a beautiful thing.

  4. you're so brave!! good for you, darling!! :)

    *i miss reading your posts!

  5. I am so thrilled for you. Good midwives are desperately needed in this country -- and you seem to have the passion and understanding necessary to thrive in the profession.

    I switched from an OBGYN to a midwife when I was 30 weeks pregnant. It was the best decision I made during my pregnancy! I went on to have a wonderful natural birth and I credit the midwife for helping me to achieve it.

    Looking forward to reading about your progress! I do hope you'll keep us posted.