Tuesday, December 22, 2009

:: beginning the world again

oh blog friends!

what a treasure it is to be immersed in one's life work. to find yourself bathing in your passion.

as i last mentioned, i have made the decision to evolve into the more natural methods of childbearing and birth. i so love the care of mothers and babies, but am continually disappointed with the atmosphere of the hospital. surrounding myself with passionate, like-minded people has encouraged me in ways i could never describe. and their encouragement supports me through even the most difficult days on the job.

i have been pouring over books, podcasts, and documentaries. filling up on this priceless knowledge. my most recent step toward career advancement has come in the form of a doula course. a doula is a labor companion--- a person present during labor whose focus is the mother, her comfort, and her experience. my labor & delivery work at the hospital has given me quite the introductory lesson---but the weekend of doula training will make me eligible for certification. i will train under a fabulous teacher here in ann arbor, mi. the class is in february, and i am ecstatic.

another exciting development:: an article i penned will be published in the winter issue of a periodical titled "the birth project". originally desiring to go into the field of journalism-- i was thrilled at the prospect of having some published work. as a locally owned magazine, i was able to brush shoulders with the editors and submit a piece. i am so thankful for the opportunities that God is consistently putting in my path.

i am enjoying every moment of the holiday season: the lights. the music. the baked goods. the television specials. the gift giving. the cozy sweaters and scarves. and of course- the starbucks lattes :)

allow me to take a moment to wish each of you the most blessed of holidays. the most beautiful christmas. thank you for reading while i've been away. your faithfulness is a blessing within itself.

ps: can't WAIT to see this movie:::


  1. Oh goodness, I loved reading this post so much. Just reading that you are able to do what you love & your passion is so inspiring. My Mom had a midwife with me & two of my siblings. I have always been interested in doing a water birth, but I think I should research it more. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. wow.. this is super exciting. congrats on the book and all the good things in life. wishing you a happy holiday. you're always coming up with fun finds. xo.

  3. welcome back! I've been wondering where you went! so super exciting for all the new things you have happening. :) merry christmas to you! it's been so great reading along with you these past few months, I've really enjoyed it!

  4. i want to see this movie too! it looks so cute. Merry Christmas!