Monday, November 9, 2009

:: down to the wire

"birds on wire":: november 7th, 2009

working the midnight shift gives me the opportunity to view the morning in its most precious state. i pull out of the hospital parking lot, after each shift, somewhere between 7-730am. the sun has just taken its rightful position in the sky. the colors of day and night are colliding in a gorgeous mixture of dark and light. the streets are sparingly peppered with cars and people. the air is at it's most crisp--- even in the heat of summer.

and it's during these moments that i see things. notice things. it's on these morning drives home that i am most inspired. this past saturday morning, i was parked at a red light when i noticed a swarm of birds landing on the electrical wire. i was immediately taken with the image of their dark silhouettes against the brilliant sky. i dug frantically in my purse for my point-and-shoot to capture the moment-- and was so thankful no cars were waiting behind, for as you can see, the light turned green in the meantime.

when i got home, i zoomed into the photo and counted about 80 birds. i put my camera down. the realization made me feel so small. made me contemplate the co-existence here on this earth. we share our space with so many animals. plants. creatures. we feel like the dominant beings, but on that cool saturday morning, in the presence of one single, solitary human, 80 birds made themselves at home on this wire. showcasing their majestic journey-- perhaps unintentionally, but powerfully, none-the-less.

it reminded me that, regardless of species, we're all just looking for a wire to land on.


  1. Indeed . ~

    I am so fond of your blog postings.
    Always a breath of wonderful fresh air.

    Well written.
    Great style.

    Thanks , for writing as you do.

  2. A beautiful photo. Love the morning light.