Friday, November 6, 2009

:: the anthropologist

{via the anthropologist}

i make it no secret that i love anthropologie. a trip to that store is a dream. their catalog arriving in my mailbox is anticipated each month. so its only fitting that when i heard the company was launching a new website to showcase artists and their work--- i was flying through the world wide web, as fast as my little fingers would take me.

when i arrived at "the anthropologist", i was not at all surprised at how peaceful, beautiful and original the space was. each phrase and word on the page is linked to inspiring photos, letters, scribbles. the delicate attention given to each detail of the artistic process is lovely.

artists and art lovers, alike, will surely breathe in some fresh air after a visit to this new online treasure. so go ahead. click the link.

go exploring. be inspired.


  1. This is exactly how I feel every time I go into the store. It feels like your in some enchanted persons house. My favorite thing about Anthropologie is not their clothes or even their good smelling candles, but the fact that I can just go sit & pick up a wonderful book that fills my little head with inspiration.