Thursday, November 5, 2009

paradise ::

"p'rdes":: november 4th, 2009

this was my view for the greater majority of yesterday's afternoon. i sat in a high-back armchair, near a worn window, sipping coffee and reading a fabulous novel. it was my paradise. or my "p'rdes". "p'rdes" are the letters that represent interpretations of the original books of the bible. in judaism, fully understating each interpretation is the attainment of enlightenment, or paradise. i do not practice jewish religion, but what a beautiful thought. understanding = enlightenment. if only we made greater efforts to understand God. each other. ourselves. if we tried harder to understand, instead of judge, imagine the perpetual paradise we could live in. oh! that every day could be proverbially spent in that arm chair- basking in the glow of the autumnal sun. i long for the patience and dedication it takes to achieve that level of understanding.

it is my prayer that i may, one day, attain it.

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  1. that place sounds lovely. both the reading spot + the enlightened spot. :)