Thursday, March 4, 2010

a trip to mudgies::

when a fellow detroiter + blogger suggested i taste-test a little un-assuming cafe in corktown called mudgies-- i knew i would heed his advice. always looking for a new culinary adventure, i set out with a friend to try one of the establishment's acclaimed sandwiches.

the restaurant is on a corner-- but if i hadn't taken the time to carefully assess the crossroads, i would have driven right past the place-- mistaking it for an office, or empty building. a tiny little sign in the corner of the front window revealed the stealth eatery, and i quickly whipped my car into an empty parking space.

inside the burnt orange walls, the atmosphere was immediately warm, calm, and welcoming. and the aroma was, for lack of better words, totally insane. we sat down and put our order in-- but i already loved the place. no food consumption necessary. i was mentally plotting who to bring here next.

then our plates arrived.

i like to think of myself as a "french onion soup connoisseur " of sorts. i try it everywhere. i make it at home. i have it fresh in the fridge. frozen in the freezer. i love the stuff. and mudgies excelled at dishing me one of the most amazing bowls of french onion soup i have ever tasted. the spices were bountiful. but the secret kick was the bleu cheese crumbled into the bowl. oh! what i'd give for another helping right now.

the sandwich was also stellar-- open-faced and piled high with sprouts. and cheese. and avocado. and tangy-marinated spinach. and an amazingly decadent spread.

of course-- it was accompanied by a generous mug of coffee and fabulous conversation. another evening well spent in detroit.

if you live here-- make mudgies a part of your life. pronto.
if you don't. be jealous. THEN- go find a mudgies of your own.
every city has it's gem.

whichever the case--- eat. drink. and be merry.


  1. as soon as i saw that first photo with the drink display i knew this place would be good. those eggs look delicious..

  2. bleu cheese over French onion? I've never seen that before, sounds wonderful.

  3. YES !

    I am so psyched you went for it.

    Such a lovely account of such a wonderful spot.

    I knew you would paint it just perfectly here.

    Some things just blend together in ways that are undeniable.

    That block is one of my favorite neighborhoods I have ever been in. It is overflowing with a century of Irish soul , culture , sweat , tears , and fortitude. Amazing.

    ~ Thanks.

  4. I love places like this. Fun post!

  5. oh, yum, french onion soup! and with blue cheese? i will have to seek that combination, and yes, i am jealous. but also glad because i have a mudgies of my own - here it is called the hob nob.