Tuesday, March 9, 2010

:: you're my coffee spoon ::

weekends are magic. seriously. even when i have a day off during the week, it's not nearly as sweet as having a whole open saturday at my disposal. there is a freedom. a care-free quality to a saturday. the streets buzz. the air sings. and maybe it's just me-- but the coffee always tastes sweeter, too. this past saturday was exceptionally fabulous-- as i had the privilege of spending it with my dear friend. she came down to the city and we ventured to the french cafe. slowly picking at our crepes and sipping our fresh cups of joe. then we spent a few hours meandering through the most fascinating old/used book store. the aisles went on as far as the eye could see. and the winding staircase took you up floor upon floor. never ceasing to dazzle you at each landing with a peak into another room laden with treasures. i skipped out of there with a thin book on writing from the '20's and a Van Morrison record. before heading to her place for an evening of vegetable curry, hulu and conversation-- we stopped at starbucks and enjoyed squares of dark chocolate and soy lattes in the sunshine.

it was quite nearly the first day of spring.

and it made the winter worth it. for the biting cold and heavy snow made the days warmth and brightness that much more enjoyable.

it is my sincere belief that the whole world needs a saturday such as this.


  1. Your photos are stunning, your use of color is total inspiration!

  2. Your photos turned out beautiful!! It was a FABULOUS weekend :)

  3. found your blog through (never home)maker's blog share list. I love your photography and your day sounds absolutely perfect!

  4. alfie, this sounds like such a good day. i totally second your sentiment about weekends.

  5. What a perfect Saturday! They're my favorite days too. LOVE the blue shot entrance shot!

  6. I love all the photos you have been posting. Today felt like Spring here in Dallas too. I thought today, Aww yes, I remember why I love the summer so much. It sounded like you had a wonderful day with your good friend.

  7. Reallyyyyyy great post. man.

    a Van Morrison record????
    that and this enire post....
    is the 1236252725328887th reason
    why you are just
    complete fantastical awesome-ness.


  8. Sounds like the perfect weekend! :) I love all of the photos too! The colors are so rich and vibrant! I'm glad you had left a comment on my blog because now I have found yours and I will definitely be back :) :)

  9. i like the new blog header (it's new right?).
    simple and intellectual. nice choice

  10. I couldn't agree more! It's only Tuesday and I'm already looking forward to biking around the coast this weekend. :)

    I'm a new blogger myself, and I just found you through a friend's reading list....and I have to say you've captivated me instantly. Can't wait to read more.

    Bre @ redbungalow