Thursday, June 17, 2010

:: a global photo project

when i first started blogging--
i met a fabulous, hip gal named cali.
our blogs crossed paths.
and we've been reading ever since.

ironically- we both share a shameless love for TOMS shoes.
and for their mission.
so when inspiration struck to feature a weekly TOMS post--
i knew immediately i wanted her to join me.

so here we are.
week 1 of TOMS in motion:: a global photo project.

every thursday--
on her blog & mine--
we'll be posting pictures of our TOMS in action.
journaling our adventures.
both the simple & the extravagant.

but please.
don't just read.
if you have a pair of TOMS--
play along!
we're not calling it "global project" for nothing!

snap some pictures of your TOMS.
post them on your blog.
& link back to your post in the comments.

we can't wait to see where your TOMS are taking you.


those are the wedges on the left.
full photo disclosure on their fabulous-ness--
next thursday.


  1. Fabulous idea! Looking forward to see your Tom adventures!

  2. Love this idea! I can't wait to see where your adventures take you!

  3. I love the idea ! I can't wait to see the result !

  4. Cool idea! And yes, I love the Toms wedges, they are amazing! You go, girls! XO!

  5. how fun! now i have even more incentive to get my hands on some TOMS!

  6. I'm IN!!!!!!! I just commented on Cali's blog as well, this is a GRRRReat idea :)

    ps. those wedges are TO DIE FOR, they are so adorable on you!!!!

    p.s.s. as you well know, I'm fairly new to the "blog world" I may need your help in understanding what you mean by "link back" haha!

  7. simple and extravagant.
    Just that line makes me want to write a poem or a song or something...
    and I like your TOMS too!
    Haven't met your friend yet, but I think I'll go travel over there now.
    Fun project!

  8. haha - I LOVE it! And lucky me I just posted about my TOMS the other day. Here is the linky, count me in!

    Bre @

  9. I LOVE this!
    I can't wait to see...I want to play too!

    This sounds so fun, great idea, and great way to promote TOMS!

  10. What a wonderful idea - can't wait to see the updates. xx

  11. love it. super cool idea!

    i don't have "toms" but Rachel from It's SImple Love, sent me the same shoes but an Argentinean version.. virtully the same.

  12. ahhhh i lllooooooovvvveeeeee toms. want a pair of their wedges so bad!

  13. We did it! The project is underway! I love the way you did the writing on the photos, you are so very creative!

  14. I love it! Thanks for becoming a follower and I will def be sending you lots of pictures of all the TOMS I have!

  15. my toms are getting me through work today!!