Monday, June 28, 2010

:: a taste of ethiopia

in a strip mall.
tucked between a nail salon.
and a bangkok express.
i discovered a little place called--
a taste of ethiopia.

when you walk through the door--
a thick wave of scent washes over you.
the smell of spice.
and herb.
and fresh coffee beans roasting.

when you're seated--
no silverware is brought to the table.
just hot, damp cloths--with which to wash your hands.
the elaborate menu is lovingly explained.
you order.

and then you wait with anticipation.

the iced shai tea is enough to send your head spinning.
the most delicious blend
of dried fruit and herbs.

and the food.

it makes you wonder why anyone else ever tried cooking at all.

you eat each flavor-filled selection with your hands.
wrapping each bite in a piece of injera bread.
a culinary sensation akin to the softest, fluffiest crepe ever.

your coffee is brought after dinner.
each cup roasted fresh.
they even bring out the pan of simmering beans--
just to prove it.

a small volcano of steaming incense is brought to the table while you sip.
if you close your eyes--
it's as if you have, indeed, been transported to a faraway land.

it's one of the most amazing slow-food experiences.

i have no doubts we'll be back.
and again.

and again.


  1. One of my favorite types of food .... so tasty!!! XO

  2. That sounds (and looks) absolutely amazing. You make me want to go out and hunt down an Ethiopian cafe. Or an Ethiopian who is willing to cook for me. My goodness!

  3. i love ethnic food! especially when i can eat it with my hands. there's a little indian restaurant that i frequent where you can do just that. it's my favorite. why do americans rush their food so much?? i wish we ate more like the people of these countries who know how to truly enjoy. :)

  4. Sounds wonderful! I love the idea of eating without utensils too!

  5. oh please take me with you next time!!

  6. oh my goodness, my mouth was watering reading this! mmmm, i love how you described everything - it sounds like a far off dream! ;)

  7. Sounds heavenly! I've never tried Ethiopian food before, but now you have me anxious to try it!

  8. That sounds amazing!! I've never had Ethiopian food either, but it looks pretty yummy :)

  9. Looks delicious!

    Just stumbled by your blog &
    I absolutely love it! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  10. So jealous…I’ve been dying for some Ethiopian food lately!! Looks scrumptious!!

  11. mmmm. heaven!


    xo Alison

  12. i have yet to try ethiopian food. looks delicious!

  13. Mmmmm ... sounds heavenly!

  14. This sounds seriously incredible. Your writing is so great and expressive-- made my mouth water!!!

  15. Yeah I don't know anything about Ethiopian food but now it sounds so amazing... :) Thanks for making me hungry, Alfie

  16. BEST. POST. EVER. i think that ethiopian food is one of the only types of food i haven't had. but after this post (after i post this comment), i'll best be googling "best ethiopian in nyc"

    also. my favorite indian restaurant at home is in a strip mall tucked between a stationary store at the drivers license place.

  17. HOLY COW.

    Way to bring us all with you on this fantastic dining experienece. I am very impressed. You get better with every post and you were already off the charts like 900 posts ago !
    Just outstanding.
    Really really fantastic photos
    bring us an amzing visual to the food
    and drink your words are allowing us to already taste for ourselves....
    All of which complimented so nicely by
    your warm , positive , and amazingly friendly
    vibe constantly gushing through this entire blog.


    Thanks , as always , for what you do.

  18. Mmm, I love Ethiopian food! So jealous you have a good place nearby :)

  19. you just made my mouth water and i've already had dinner!!! off to dessert :)

  20. oh i've never tried ethiopian food, but have always wanted to!!

  21. Gorgeous food shots. Went to an Ethiopian restaurant in NYC a few years back - loved it, sat on cushions on the floor and ate with our hands. A unique experience. xx

  22. I've never tried Ethiopian food, but you've described it so beautifully and tangibly here that I don't think I can pass it up any longer!

  23. I LOVE ethnic food, I will try anything! I've never had Ethiopian, will have to track down a restaurant, I love to eat in an authentic restaurant, it's like a little mini vacay! XO!

  24. there is an ethiopian restaurant in our neighborhood and we are dying to try it! it sounds delicious!

  25. I love Ethiopian food! And I'm not surprised you loved it too! some friends took my sister & I to eat the wonderful ethnic flavors of this food last year & I was so blessed! I of course love Nigerian food a little more because I'm more familiar with it. But I love how most of it is all finger food!

  26. Oh, my, I so enjoy ethnic cuisine especially Ethiopian, Caribbean, Japanese and of course the culinary delights of Morocco. So nice that you discovered this charming place. The food looks delicious and I'm sure you enjoyed tasting and savouring. Happy Tuesday;-)

  27. OH my the bf and I went to Little Ethiopia here in Los Angeles a few weeks back and had some delicious food...we didn't know about the 'no silverware' thing until the food came out! It was amazing, and definitely an experience - I anticipate we will be going back many times!

  28. I love it when you can eat with your hands! the best food is eaten without silverware!