Sunday, July 18, 2010

:: i live in a place where i can ride my bike...

{images via weheartit}

i've decided it doesn't matter that
i don't live in the heart of downtown.
or on the gorgeous countryside.
or in a quaint small community.

i'm going to start riding my bike.

i've been desiring to.
been dreaming of a place where things were close enough to bike to.
then i realized...

there's a starbucks 1/2 mile from my door.
a target 1 1/2 miles past that.
a yummy middle eastern restaurant in the same parking lot.
a bookstore across the street.
a bagel shop in eye-sight.

and it wasn't until i read the quote above that i realized.
i can ride my bike.
i just don't.

here's to rectifying that.

& to two-wheeled, earth-happy travel :)


  1. your blog is wonderful! I have a beach cruiser that I absolutely love. :] To me, biking feels so free and it always = sunshine and happiness.

  2. LOVE that you choose to ride! its on my list to buy bikes soon!! I can't wait. I saw one over the weekend that I love but I still looking a few other places. (however, I am a bit scared to fight the streets of downtown philly on two wheels)

  3. I love this blog so much! Count me in as your newest follower :) I love these photos of biking, it makes me miss my own bicycle (which was sold at a garage sale)...I want one now! I love that orange one in the picture! Your going to do wonders for yourself and the environment by riding everywhere! Best of luck on your newest endeavor :)

  4. That is how I am with walking!!! My hubby and I walk everywhere ... and nothing feels better than walking to grab coffee on an early Saturday morning. Love this post and also love riding bikes! xo

  5. I love riding my bike! It looks like some of the ones in the picture. But the only problem is it's kind of squeaky, so I usually bring my ipod and do the one ear thing. But I love biking places. :)

  6. it is a possibility that makes our life what it open door to an endless we could...just have to step outside the door...I loved riding my bike along the Danube river which is 2 minute walk from my it's too many people walking, I would just run someone over, but the possibility of doing something again that's something to think about

  7. i absolutely love to ride my bike. especially after work, when i have been sitting all day long. lately it has been too hot though, i can't wait to ride again!

  8. What a fantastic realization! Maybe you have a quote for those who don't have a bike to ride? Argh!

  9. Soooo good.
    I want a bike now :)

    (Except I actually don't live close enough to anything to bike to... but I could still bike around the neighborhood!)

  10. Good for you for taking the plunge... it's inspiring!

  11. I'm new to the blog, but just wanted to drop a quick hello! Thanks for always posting such fun things... I love your toms in motion series (I am in love with those shoes)...

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  12. I have just found your blog and i think is lovely!!!!

    I also enjoy riding my bike :)

    have a nice day

  13. good for you! you can totally ride your bike - and get a basket for target!

  14. That's awesome!! I'm going to be getting a bike eventually, I can't wait :)

  15. so true! i always wish i could ride my bike more but it seems like i have an endless list of excuses... you've inspired me to actually do it!

  16. love this!! I've been feeling the same way lately. I live in the suburbs... but I do drive to the grocery store which I'm sure is 1/4 mile and the starbucks and my parents house.. it's so silly. I need to start searching on craigslist for a bike!!!

  17. The best method of transport - great pics. xx

  18. so inspiring, darling. i adore this post!

    xo Alison

  19. I need to ride mine more... the problem I have is that I moved to a REALLY hilly area!

    Lovely pics :)

  20. You always share the most BEAUTIFUL pictures! Good for you for picking up the bike again - it sounds like everything you would need is just a bide ride away!

  21. Okay, lovely! Always lovely- I can depend on you for that :)
    It is so, so neat that you live close enough to target and starbucks to ride your bike! Alfie, I'm jealous of you! But have tons of fun, okay?

  22. Oh this post makes me wish I had my bike in San Francisco! My bike is at my parents house. I should really bring it back with me one of these days!

  23. Adorable post Alfie. I try to ride my bike around locally on weekends where I can take it to Henry's or Target. Sometimes it's not realistic for the places I want to go, but I certainly enjoy it when I can. :)


  24. I live in Los Angeles, and I am terrified of the idea of riding a bike here. There seriously are crazy drivers here, and I don't want to die via bike!!

    However, I've decided that I'm getting a bike this year for my birthday. It's worth it, right? I'm going to bike to the grocery store and bike to target, and anywhere else safe enough. I'll just be extra careful. And we can get a bike rack and when we go to the beach, or to a cute little town we can ride along. It's going to be wonderful.

  25. HAH so true!! exactly how i started riding the molly mobile.

  26. I love your blog.

    And now I want a bike.

    Count me in as a follower.

    ps-I'm hosting a giveaway for a couple of Ebelskiver pans and their turners. If this sounds nuts, let me explain: ebelskivers are danish inspired little filled pancakes that are basically simple to make and taste fabulous. Please stop by and enter if you might be interested. everyone welcome!!

  27. yayy for bike riding! even if we don't have a bike lane or pretty scenery. my sister just told me i can borrow her bike for the rest of the summer, so i'm going to become a rider of bikes myself :)

  28. ooooh i haven't had a bike in so long! i want a cute pink one. i really really do!

  29. good graish i love your blog.

  30. hurray for you! so love this blog post :)