Thursday, July 15, 2010

::: TOMS in motion---week 5

the garden is wild.
it's alive--
(in a frighteningly delightful way, of course.)

& it's seriously out of control.

i prune.
i weed.
i harvest.
but these little patches have taken matters into their own hands.

so i thought it high time to take
the TOMS
out for a garden stroll.

you know--
before my watermelon vine tangles me up in my sleep :)

greetings from us.
to you.


  1. love it! did you build those wooden crates? i think i'm going to do some container gardening like that next summer. glad everything's growing so well!

  2. Love the pic. This TOM's initiative is so cool. xx

  3. your garden looks faaabulous, for real, i have jealousies :)

  4. i always love to see pictures of your garden! :) it sounds so incredible! question though... where is your garden and how big is it? just a little patch in the backyard, or quite a bit bigger?

  5. You garden is THRIVE-ing. pun intended. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!

    ps. I’m an utter failure when it comes to these TOMS posts that I had EVERY intention of keeping up on….my days have just been filled with work at the office, then coming home to knit/garden/train for the 5K we’re doing this fall…To be honest, *sadly* I haven’t sported my Toms in a couple weeks :( But I don’t plan on abandoning this project!! I will pick it up again soon. Just not sure what to call my next post as this project will have been going on for 6 weeks, yet I’ve only posted 1. Lol.

  6. i love the way you wrote this post, dear. so lovely!

    xo Alison

  7. A delightful post, m dear!
    So glad you feel happy amidst nature in your garden. Enjoy the weekend;-)

  8. "frighteningly delightful" -- perfect words!

  9. the garden! oh the garden. how lovely and pleasant! i miss my gardening.

  10. I love the wood frames you have in your garden! That's the first thing I remembered. I love how your garden brings you so much joy. I can tell in all your posts when you talk about it.

    Oh yes, I have been craving buying another pair of TOMS. I might have to scratch the itch soon.

  11. love this edition of toms in motion!