Monday, January 17, 2011

:: detroit brunch

when you live in detroit--
you can rest assured that
there is always something new to discover.

more genuine people--
with more genuine ideas--
hitting the streets and doing something fabulous.

so it came as no surprise
on sunday morning
when i discovered
detroit brunch.

the lower-level, student-run, all vegan
order/pick-up brunch service
was a dream--
serving up tofu scramble.
rosemary roasted red skin potatoes.
fresh blueberry jam.
toast--homemade from the local bakery.
apricot muffins.
and creamy, delicious coffee.

it was a post-midnight shift sunday afternoon delight.
if you're in the detroit area--
please- i urge you-
look them up.
place an order.

and be utterly satisfied.


  1. ohmy goodness, that looks amazing!! what a great idea! too bad we are not closer to detroit!

  2. oh yum, I hope you saved me a bite!

  3. MMM. That looks amazing. I love discovering new places and things around town - that's why cities are the best, there's hidden treasures all over :)

  4. you're always discovering something interesting! :)